The worst part of being an author

If you're an author, you may know what I am going to talk about in this post. There is a long, arduous road which everyone who wishes to publish a book must face, endure, and in the end, conquer. This journey is painful, time-consuming, and can produce tears. As the author, you may want to burn your book and never look back.

"Why did I ever think this was going to be easy?"

"This is rubbish!"

You have more than likely said this as you are knee-deep in this grueling and agonizing process. Such level of discomfort has most assuredly never come upon another human! Allow me now to elaborate on what I am saying if you haven't already caught on.


The editing process.

Writing and planning your book is now a distant, far away memory as you trudge through the seemingly unending editing phase. If you're anything like me when editing your book, it will never seem to be good enough. The roller-coaster of writing starts with the spark of an idea and ends with the death of yourself through editing. Your book is significantly better now than before, but as you read through it, the mistakes seem endless.

"How could I have made such an error? What was I thinking!"

Although this seems bad enough, the horrors do not end there. As you go through your day, you will recall an error you had made while writing. You wish to fix the issue as quickly as possible, but your busy schedule has gotten in your way of rushing to your book and promptly making the change. The ever-flowing fountain of ideas and revisions only seem to come when you are at your busiest and least available. Your mind is filled with your book and your book alone as you near the end of the editing process. It is holding over you an altogether different set of obstacles that will pervade your mind. What will the cover be? How will I publicize my book? Will I ever actually be done?

So yes. Being a writer and an author is probably the worst. You will never escape the world inside your head. The world that keeps you trapped for many of your waking and even sleeping moments. Our captivity is uncomfortable. Though, in the end, it is the most rewarding confinement.

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