Formatting can be difficult... It takes time, and can be frustrating. 


  Do you want an interior that competes with the traditionally published books of today? An interior that grips attention? That intrigues? 


  Please fill out the form for a quote on your book. 


  Formatting prices vary depending on chapter amount. Base price is $75 for 35 chapters. Above 35 chapters increases by $5 a chapter. Under 35 chapters is anywhere from $25-$45. 


  Bleed costs more. $175 for 35 chapters. anything more is again $5 per chapter. 


  Any adjustments not caused by the formatter (such as cover design errors, typos found, etc.) will cost $5 each time. Any issues made by the formatter (me) will be adjusted at no charge. 


  ***Most common adjustment errors are caused by the bleed setting. These will usually default to the formatter to correct and will come at no cost to the author or publisher.


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